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First date

Drafted on Nov. 11, 2011

“Amma you and I should go on a date”, said Hari when he got down from the car. “What’s a date kannama?”, I played dumb. “A date is when you want to spend some time with someone, you spend time with just that person. Like you go to a movie or eat out or go to Chucke Cheese”, he eagerly shared his knowledge with me.

So when Hari’s school was closed for Veteran’s Day, I took the day off for the first official date with my sonny boy. So what did we do, you ask? Movie and pop corn, and a hike to the mall. We agreed that Puss in Boots was not so funny after all, and the pizza at the mall was lacking in quality. We concluded that it did not matter because we had fun hanging out with each other.  A very happy Hari declared, “Amma may be we can have a date every Friday after I come back from school.”  Ahem, ahem, we will see about that child!

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