Posted in Hari Katha, Ram Leela

Halloween fun

Drafted on October 31st

Halloween celebrations were fairly muted this year due to an unexpected havoc wreaked by Mother nature. But the day did not go by without any celebrations. How could it, it was Halloween after all!  Hari was dressed as Ninja and Ram as Winnie the Pooh. Da, who gets as excited as the kids about Halloween, took the kids around for soliciting candies.  The pumpkins that Da and Hari carved over the earlier weekend were sitting in the front lawn accosting children dressed in costumes.

We have strict rules around candy consumption, so Hari came up with the idea of combining his candy loot to the candies we reserved for distribution. This year, I should say that he was very excited about distributing candies rather than going trick or treating.

I should also make a mention about this cool dentist in our town, who buys candies amassed during Halloween from kids for cash and ships them to troops. How very neat is that, wouldn’t you agree?


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