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Home based care

The home based day care that Ram goes to is managed by an Asian family of four. I love the family for who they are – hard working, genuine, sincere, and most of all very ethical. They charge us fairly and only for days that we drop the child at the day care. They value food and take extra care not to waste whats sent along. The kids are clean and treated with dignity. Being a practical lady, in her own interest as well as in the interest of the kids, the primary care taker believes in training the kids to be independent early on. And I will admit that she is persistent and is not the one to give up easily! To me the cherry on top is listening to her personal stories and her humble beginnings. Somehow it gives me greater confidence in her ability to care for my child.

4 thoughts on “Home based care

  1. Nice that you’ve found someone who values food. It bothers me when I take my son to his Parents Day Out, and he brings home an empty lunch box. I know he didn’t eat all of it at school.

  2. lot of answers here that I wanted here..intending ask you few times.

    To have a right day care is so important. loved the part..she respect kids, train them to be to many many such tear free good bye waving mornings!

    1. Totally agree with you Shy. So very important to find a day care that suits your style, especially if it’s a home based day care where you are betting on the abilities and goodness of one or two care providers.

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