Little Moments

Saturday specials

Every week come mid-week, Hari would start the countdown for Saturday night. What’s special about Saturday anyway? Drum rolls please before I make the grand announcement. Saturday nights are sleepover nights in our house. Hari, Ram and I cozy up in our queen size bed while Da is delegated to the twin mattress lying in our room. Of course, when Hari is around, bed time is party time for Ram, and it takes a good 30 mins before the kids mellow down. Once they are ready to hit the sack, the kids rest on their human pillow, which would be yours truly. Hari would take over my left arm. Ram wanting to make sure that he doesn’t end up having less of his amma, would climb over me and stay perched until he doses away. If I managed to stay awake amidst all this drama, I slip by to catch up on weekend chores. But on most Saturdays, I am drifting to dreamland with a huge thank you heavenward for this little moments of bliss that I get to experience every week.


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