Turning seven

Dearest Hari,

If last year we were coming to terms with your  growing up right under our noses, this year we have been soaking in that experience.

This year you got your  first hard earned pay – a Quarter for sweeping the leaves on the drive way and collecting yard waste in the recycling bins. You worked on it close to an hour, and gave it your all. You thought the earth would get cleaner because of this noble act of yours – “Mama, I think the neighbors will be jealous looking at our clean drive way and would want to clean theirs. If everybody gets jealous then the earth will become cleaner”. Yes child, when you take pride in what you do, the possibilities are endless. And there is no better reward than knowing that you have made a difference in your own little ways.

You have been a sports maniac this year. An indispensable part of your morning routine is checking sports news, and scoreboards, and discussing them with appa. Likewise a non-tradeable part of your evening routine is playing some cricket/soccer/baseball with appa. Not wanting to be left out, I indulge you once in a while. You and I go to the tiny room in our basement, and play some cricket while we fight over songs that we want to play on YouTube.

You are a stellar big brother material. I love how you carry Ram around and take him to the door knob to see his reflection on the metal – “is he happy that I am lifting him amma? Do you think he loves me more than he loves you?” As much as you love him, sometimes you feel like he gets special treatment from us.  “Amma why does Ram have nicer parents than I do? You treat me like I am already in college”.  And I tell you, “Wait a little longer child. Very soon you will notice that Ram’s parents are not so nice after all”.

You have become an expert in coming up with wisecracks. The other day I was teasing Ram and you, “From now on I am going to call Ram, who can turn the world upside down with his budding vocabulary and  body gestures, as Prince Rowdy, and Hari, who somehow can find an excuse to not do what he is asked to,  as Prince Dodger”. A couple of minutes later you came up to me and said, “Amma, I have a new name for you. How about Princess Maddy (because you get mad a lot) or Princess No (because you are an expert at telling no).”  Sigh! those who are in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

I like how you dislike being late to school or classes. I like how sometimes when I try to take the easy way out, you point the rules to me black and white. I like how although you can read anything and everything by yourself, you want me to read to you at bed time.  I like how sometimes when I am upset, like an old soul you tell me, “Amma do you want to snuggle with Ram or I? or may be you can read a book to make yourself feel better?”

As you turn seven today, here’s wishing you with the bestest of all things on your b’day and forever. Be happy, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, be kind and gentle to everyone, and always always remember to do three scoops with cherry on top in all your endeavours.  Love you kutti.

Hugs and blessings,

6 thoughts on “Turning seven

  1. lovely lovely post..many scenarios are ditto here..sports madness, cosy up together..’I am only a kid, not an adult’ etc…love Princess Maddy!!

  2. You have a nice new space Suman. Looks really cool!

    Happy bday to Tuls, oops Hari! (Honestly though I liked Tuls better 🙂 )

    {Feel free to edit the comment if you want to change names}

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