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Angry Birds

Angry Birds may have gained its youngest die hard fan. Yes, we are talking about Ram here. No, our toddler does not play video games. But yes, he loves peppy tunes and fast beats. The second he sees Da seated with a laptop in front of him, it means only one thing – “tee tee tee”, his way of mimicking the Angry Birds tune, and he would not let go of Da until he has had his fill. How much cheer the tune spreads on his face! Little wonder that his anna has come with a new nickname for little Ram – Angry Birds baby.

4 thoughts on “Angry Birds

  1. agree, ram has real taste for music..tee tee tee tee..reminds me of kid’s music class.tee is one eighth of a note..

    Have been hearing about Angry birds from kids..

    hahha Angry birds baby..but nothing compares to Diaper dude- this appaears in our conversation few times atleast in a week. So for us Ram is Diaper dude

  2. glad to know bro is happy…we can now officiate him as the ‘official naming person’..way to go are really funny and such a cool dude!

    1. Ha ha ha, I like that title! Coming up with nicknames has become the latest obsession in our household. We can’t seem to stop naming each other.

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