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Kindle Fire

We have consciously succumbed to the hoopla surrounding the Kindle Fire.

The gadget is doing the rounds between the husband and the first child, so honestly I do not have much to say. In the five minutes I spent on the ereader, I loved the easy access to dictionary, but hated not knowing the size, color, and volume of the book I was reading. I am patiently waiting for my turn to unravel the experience that the gadget has to offer while happily thumbing the 600+ page biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, which carries Steve’s elegant black and white picture on the cover page that reminds me of his colorful personality and his penchant for simplicity  every time I use the flap as a bookmark. An experience that I know will be a trade off with the Kindle

Da, an early adopter of digital reading and a voracious reader, thinks that for a book lover access to books could not have gotten any easier or better. Did you know libraries lend ebooks that can be downloaded to ereaders? Amazon has come up with book lending programs as well. For a person like me who doesn’t necessarily buy every book she reads and relies on the big annual sale organized by the local library to add to her collection, this developement is one less reason to not resist ereaders.

Hari, whose main attraction to the Kindle is Angry Birds, has taken to reading on the Kindle with much delight.  The usage rules have been made crystal clear. While unlimited reading on the Kindle is allowed on a daily basis, video games will be confined to 20 mins per day only during weekends and Holidays. Bed time reading will continue to be non-digital reading. Ram, who loves holding his board books, turning and feeling the pages and taking delight in the pictures, may have opportunities to listen to the Angry Birds tune on the Kindle.

Enough of my Kindle story. Tell me yours. Have you tried your hands on ereaders? what has your experience been? What do you like and not like about the experience? what is on your reading list?


6 thoughts on “Kindle Fire

  1. I can somehow never get myself to read from a e-reader. Like you, I love the touch and feel of a real book and miss that. I have tried reading some books but still not a convert yet. Do share your experience though…

    1. Will do Akay. Somehow it feels like a book loses its identity in digital format. I guess with time and practice, we will overcome the inertia. I used to detest the idea of reading news on the computer, but now it has become a way of life.

  2. I have been using the 2nd generation kindle for the past 2years and i love it. The only regret i have is had i waited a little more i could have got it at a cheaper price.What do you think about the kindle Fire.Is it worth it to buy.


    1. Welcome here Anila.

      Wow! looks like you embraced the ereader much earlier. I haven’t used the Kindle much, so not able to provide a thorough feedback. Da tells me the biggest disadvantage is the need to recharge it on a daily basis. Other than that from usability point of view, it has received two thumbs up from the members of our household.

  3. enjoyed reading the family’s Kindle fire.
    I am yet to try my hands on it to share the experience. but somehow no gadgets attract my attention anymore( saying my cell phone is still a basic one-and works for my usage). I am not an voracious reader, don’t buy books much. Rely greatly on library and yes the look, feel, color, turning pages, the smell etc are integral part of my no plans for kindle fire, no Kobo- our library has tons of books on Kobo

    currently on Nicholas Spark’s ‘The last song’ after reading rereading ‘Food Rules’. UL got me hooked to Sparks. In between picked up Feast of Roses by Indu sundaresan but retuned to library because the prints were too small for my old pair of eyes( after many hours of screen time) and moreover was an intense read. Her Splendoor of silence is in my list.

  4. I hear ya Shy! Gadgets are there to serve a functional purpose – that’s my take as well.

    You are not a voracious reader? I will not buy that. Look at how many you have listed just in this comment. This apart from your daily quota of current affairs.

    I will try the ones on your list. I love reading but sadly have not made it a everyday affair.

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