Book recommendations

Sometimes I go through phases of itching to read, but find myself scratching my head not knowing what to read. If you are like me, and would like to have a collection of recommendations to fall back on when the impulse strikes, here’s a link.

If you have a list of go-to recommendations, do let me know in your comments.


2 thoughts on “Book recommendations

  1. I have not read any in the list nor marked them to read.
    interestingly, I have added quite a few books to my read list today…some are Biographies- Colin Powel’s My american Journey, Indira Gandhi’s,mother Teresa’s, also added some Historical fiction of Mughal empire time-Indu Sundaresan’s has few feast of roses, twentieth wife, splendor of silence etc. Also marked some from british era- Under the peacock fan, Dal& Rice

    I remeber the ( sorry)days I studied indian history, world History etc without much understanding or where those places are or events mean. I feel, i will have better understanding if I read the above books about History. some are fictional but i think close to reality. Last week picked up The shack and one of Nora Roberts. yet to start.
    anything you find interesting?

  2. Maha says:

    Lovely recommendations Shy. Thanks! History classes used to be nightmare. We were made to memorize stuff form a cyclopedia. No wonder it repelled us from learning history.

    I am still on Steve Jobs. It’s so embarrassing. I have been roaming around with this book for so long. Used to read a lot during my pumping sessions, now that I am off the pump I have to figure other ways to incorporate some reading time.

    I want to read Young Adult fiction after this (NPR has a series on this, want to piggyback on that – you get to ask questions to authors, how cool is that!). Also others in my mind are – Food Rules, and Outliers. I have also heard great things about Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi –

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