Online shopping

Drafted on Dec 05

While I have been dabbling with Groupon and coupons, Da has been trying his hands on online shopping. Want to buy holiday presents for teachers? go to Amazon. Want to buy monthly detergent? use the Amazon Subscribe and Save feature. Do you have little kids who are on diapers? no worries, try Amazon Mom. Yes, Amazon has lured us into online shopping with its free shipping and prime membership offerings. The UPS guy is the new Santa delivering packages to us every other day!

Online shopping is  easy, convenient and in most cases less expensive. Want to know an unexpected benefit our household is reaping out of this transition? Eating healthy! How come, you ask? Well, turns out that a lot of time when we ventured out to buy something, we ended up eating outside. Mostly something that was quick to grab and bite, a.k.a., junk. By cutting down on shopping trips, we have reduced our intake of junk food. A big yay to that.

So these days a visit to the mall or eating out is truly what it should be – a recreational activity.


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