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Of emoticons

In my opinion, emoticons dilute the power of words. To me, adding a smilie face  after a blog post or a comment is an attempt to prompt someone to smile, a reinforcement that the content is suppose to be taken in lighter vein irrespective of how it sounds.  Like how you have fake laughs in T.V. sitcoms to imply that a certain scene is meant to be funny.  The only place I find a role for emoticons is in an instant messenger, which I seldom use these days. Considering that using emoticons has become the norm these days, I have been wondering if the lack of emoticons in my posts or emails or comments, make them dry and bereft of life.

I am really curious to know what you think. Do you think emoticons are good tools to support the tone of your message? or do you think they are unnecessary accessories that have made themselves necessary due to wide usage?

4 thoughts on “Of emoticons

    1. Ha, it’s interesting that you also included the exclamation marks. As I was writing this post, I realized that although I do not use emoticons I do use exclamation marks and sometimes repeat words for a dramatic effect and in the process end up diluting the power of words. Something to watch out for.

  1. Unnecessary in my opinion, I laughed, I smiled, I chuckled through all your posts in this new blog– bad me, havent been by in a long time – . I LOVED every post, didnt get to comment on any, was going to wait until the last, but you prompted me to reply to this one…words paint wonderful pictures and i think of these emotions as just extra decorations, not really necessary…

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