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Teething Troubles

Hari was uber exuberant when he came home after dinner at Panera Bread. It must be the mac n cheese and fruit punch, his usual at Panera, that has him soaring high in the sky, was my initial thought. But even before I could pop that question to him, he came rushing to me wearing the widest grin ever, and stuck his face inches away from mine, which left me dancing up and down in excitement.

The wiggly tooth at the bottom right that kept bothering him endlessly was now missing. No, this was not the first time he was losing a tooth. In fact, it was his fourth. But the jubilation was because this was the first time the missing tooth left a gaping hole. In the earlier three instances, the grown up tooth established its presence stubbornly before the milk tooth could make an exit. Not this time though. He was finally an otta palla. “Amma I am now equal to my friend D, who has four fallen teeth”. Of course, for the past couple of days he has been dutifully trying to expedite the falling of his top tooth, which has been sliding this side and that, in an effort to beat D’s record.

If Hari has been losing teeth, Ram has been gaining them. Every time Ram has a tooth cutting in, he goes through a miserable phase. He swims in his own drool. He gets bouts of fever and diarrhea, and has sleepless nights. Poor child.  But all is well that ends well, isn’t it? You can now spot eight shiny white pearls when he giggles and he sure puts them to good use.


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