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Happy 2012

Inner strength, self-confidence and resilience. Clarity, focus and balance. Awareness, acceptance and action. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial wellness. We wish you and yours all these and more as we welcome a brand new year. Happy 2012.

For us, if 2010 was a year of becoming a family of four, 2011 was a year of transitioning to the new reality. Adjusting our lives around the newest member of the family, figuring out our new routines, and balancing additional commitments are what we primarily focused on this year. We made a lot of memories with our immediate family in the first half of the year and had plenty of bonding opportunities as a family of four during the second half of the year.

How has 2011 been and what are some of your fond memories? What are your goals and resolutions for the coming year? Anything else you would like to share? I am all ears to hear your story. C’mon tell me now, won’t you?

6 thoughts on “Happy 2012

  1. 2011 filled my life with happiness. I learnt that nothing is more important than “NOW”. So 2012, I hope to reap some more – ie the benefits of being in the “NOW”…just going to take one moment at a time…one step at a time – happiness is addictive you see…anything to keep sipping from that pot of infinite. And that’s my very wish to you and yours, dear Maha – here’s to a year full of beautiful happy moments, here’s to living and experiencing the power and pleasure of NOW… love, love, UL

    1. UL – I am convinced that being in the Now is the path that will take me to whatever destination it is I am seeking this year – be it focus, acceptance, tolerance or excellence. Your comment only adds to my conviction. Please do share your experience and your journey to Now. Will help a wannabe like me.

  2. sure I will share with you.
    2011-life was very real. with ups and downs. many times I found myself like an volcano ready to burst..due to happiness sometimes..due to frustration/anger at times.starting 2011 at my parents place was fun, so was their visit here in july. One entered school system- Daughter and another exited school and entered university- my niece.I ahvebecome interested in sports-thanks to son. More responsibilities at work.
    2012- looking forward to more funfilled year. Hubby starting school again. another event, a milestone in son’s spiritual life-his first holy communion in May. then hopefully a meet up with friends.

    all in all, the constant figures are family and friends. they inevitabily play integral roles in my life- 2 different support system. what family does is not friends do. Not all Is hare with friends are not shared with family( for that matter my family does not know I have a blog .

    have a great year sumany!

    1. A great 2012 to you too Shy. Loved your story although you have shared them in bits and pieces earlier. Wishing you and the family bestest in everything you do this year, and always.

  3. 2011 for me was about rediscovering myself in some way. I feel like I have miles to go before I sleep. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    PS: You know me well. 🙂

    1. Very nice to hear from you EnKay. We all have miles to go before we sleep, and that’s a good thing because we know we can do better. So the learning and growing is endless!

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