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It’s only words

Overwhelmed after a long day of catching up with routine activities,  I lay next to Hari for a super abbreviated version of his bed time ritual. “No reading kannamma today”, I muttered with a trace of apology. “How about some cricket”, he asked with hope lingering in his eyes. “Illa ma rajathi, amma has work to do and it is already past your bed time”, with this closing statement I fast forwarded to the fag end of our routine. Recited our routine slokam and asked him, “How was your day? what made you happy? what made you sad?”.  He talked a bit about soccer, recess, and snacks, and shot the questions back at me. Little did he realise that the questions would unleash a pity party. “I had a hectic day Hari. First, it was shoveling the snow, then getting reading for the day. It was busy at work. Then had to pick Ram, drop him at home and then pick you from swim class. Then I had to make dinner. I have a terrible terrible tooth ache and head ache. I wish I could sleep now. But I have to work for atleast another hour.”

It didn’t matter that he was only a first grader. All I wanted was a willing shoulder to lean on. And yesterday it happened to be his tiny shoulders. He listened patiently, and asked, “Do you want me to help you with the cleaning?” Somehow that casual offer seemed like the perfect soothing balm for my tired soul. I came downstairs to tackle my sink full of dishes and a house littered with toys with renewed energy knowing that I was heard and someone cared.

Sometimes the difference between empathy and indifference is only a few words, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “It’s only words

  1. after reading this post ( had a super hectic day and horrible drive around in snow) in the quietness house where everybody is in bed and I am doing a catching up game, even I feel lighter, i feel cared. little words, little shoulders, little tight hugs, a wide smile, little unexpected massage..the balm that heals our aches and wounds..
    how understanding is your kid.God bless him.
    Hope you are feeling better. man, your tooh keep giving you problem every now and then. are you even taking care of it?

  2. oh i hope the load is lighter, hope your sweet spirits are back up…..take care of yourself, it is lovely to hear Hari already letting you use his shoulder…shows his strength of character and also his wide open heart….he will grow into a marvelous young man and all the credit goes to you and Dad, Maha…congrats.

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