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Happy Republic Day (Little Moments Thursday)

Republic Day as such is a special day, but this year it turned out to be extra special in our household.  Interested in knowing why? The colony in which my parents reside has the tradition of choosing a senior citizen to hoist the Tricolor every Republic Day. This year my paternal patti was the chosen one. Truly, what an honor it was! Last weekend as we carried on with our routine chat session on  Skype, I pulled her legs. “Patti, what are you going to wear? six yards or nine yards. Make sure you have your speech and national anthem practiced, ok?” Little did I realize that my casual teasing gave her the jitters and set her in preparation mode. So there she was today – clad in orange and green silk nine yards sari, head slightly bent as a mark of humility, a certain shyness in her demeanor that masked the underlying pride, happiness, and gratitude.

“This is my first time participating in a public event of this nature, so I felt a little shy when they first asked me,” confessed my patti in Tamizh when I called her to congratulate on the milestone. “I felt very honored that of all the people they chose me”, she added. Just when you think that you have seen and lived it all, life has a way of throwing beautiful surprises at you as though saying not so soon, right?

7 thoughts on “Happy Republic Day (Little Moments Thursday)

  1. Woohoo! Way to go, Athai!! That’s so awesome! I could picture her very have painted a nice picture in these few words! Appa would have been so proud!!!

    1. Thanks manni. Yes, yes mama and thatha would have been brimming with pride. In between, welcome here! Nice to hear from you.

  2. Happy Happy day…you reminded me of the flag hoisting and the candies we got afterward… 🙂 so lovely to hear your grandma was the guest of are so right – life does throw surprises all the time – that’s what keeps it interesting…right…send me a picture of your granny if you can…curious to see what she looks like –

    1. I will send the album that my dad sent me. You will see pictures of my patti, amma and others as well. M.S. Subbulakshmi reminds me of my patti, just to give you an inkling of how she looks like.

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