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Aha! moment

“Mama, after swim practice today, the boys in the locker room were doing things that could get them in trouble. Everybody was doing it and I felt like doing it too. But my brain was asking me not to do it and I listened to my brain.”

Inspiration comes in different forms and shapes. Today, it came to me in the form of my seven-year old. A reminder to listen to that voice of discrimination and do the right thing even when it is not the easy thing. God bless you my child!

A huge Aha! moment for the week.

8 thoughts on “Aha! moment

    1. Absolutely! I feel like I learn so much from just observing and listening to my kids, and when I explain to them in simple words. Somehow, as we grow up, we seem to get into the compulsive habit of adding layers of complexities to our lives.

    1. They do all sorts of stuff in the locker room UL. Especially, the kind that Hari goes to because it’s mix of older and younger kids. That evening I believe they were tossing goggles on each other’s bottoms.

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