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Ram Leela

Ram is seventeen months old. February has been a rough month for the little fella. Nothing serious, just some minor health setbacks – a stomach bug here and a broncholitis there. But did that stop this pint sized person from scaling new heights when it comes to ransacking the house? Far from that, he has been steadily extending his territory room by room.

One should learn how to be in the NOW from little toddlers. Whatever Ram does, he does it with so much focus and intensity as though that is the only thing that matters in the moment. It doesn’t matter that it is monumentally impossible to do what he wants to do. Be it wanting to peal the vibrant designs out of the Ikea rug, pull and drag the window blinds along with him, or blow raspberries on his own belly, the child gives it his best without a grain of doubt.

Words are overrated, it’s all in the context according to our little toddler. If Ram is next to the sofa and says, “appu, appu, appu”, it means he wants to climb on the couch. If he is close to stair case and says the very same words, it means he wants to go upstairs. But if he is inching to the basement stairs, “appu” would then mean down!

He is barely half his anna’s height, but that doesn’t hold him from putting up a good fight with him. When there is a conflict, he pushes his big brother with all his might. Hari knows that he is not allowed to fight back and so is becoming quite the expert at redirecting the toddler. And every now and then Hari would scream in desperation – “Oh no, rowdy kutti is here!” as he scrambles for his lego pieces and comfort items.

Remember how I told you Ram likes to watch me cook? These days I get a running commentary while he is merrily seated on my hips taking in all the entertainment. When I make tea, he would eagerly exclaim, “tea tea”. When I spill something, it is accompanied by background humming of “uh oh”.  He knows where the tea strainer is, that scissors could be used to open packages (oh no!), and the milk can with the red cap is the one that’s meant for him.

I could spend all my day just watching the silly antics of this little child and find every second of it endearing..! That is, as long as I overlook the ruckus surrounding us.

2 thoughts on “Ram Leela

  1. I learned (or am learning to) live in the moment from my little one. But I can see her outgrowing it – what can we do in summer? what is for dinner? etc. She will come this full circle too, I hope, like I am !
    Enjoy the kid. They are such endorphin release agents.

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