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Brown History Month

As I tucked Hari to bed the night his picture was released in NPR site.

Me: What made you happy love?
Hari: Snow!
Me: Seriously? you have to be kidding me? try harder
Hari: Getting Lightening Thief from library?
Me: Nah!

In case you didn’t notice, do you see how the question of what made HIM happy is turning out to be a question of what made ME happy? Anyways, here we go with rest of the conversation.

Hari: The picture of Angry Bird on the website?
Me: Yes sir-eee bob
Hari: So, the whole wide world can see it now?
Me: Yup!
Hari: Wow! I am super famous
Me: Actually, I wouldn’t put it that way. Having a picture on the web doesn’t make someone famous. A lot of people should see it and think it’s a great picture.

The kid was in no mood to  have a brush with reality. He was still floating in air and proudly proclaimed, “So when someone invents Brown History Month, they will look me up on the internet and write about me.” I tried my best to suppress the uncontrollable urge to roll on the floor laughing and just said, “May be, why not!”

Note: To appreciate the humor, you have to know Black History Month.

5 thoughts on “Brown History Month

  1. Oh, sorry the earlier comment must be: I saw it and thought it was a great picture (not to add, a great comment to go with the picture as well). So would that make him semi-partially famous?

    1. I found his comments interesting too because I didn’t realize that the toy meant much to him because he got it for his b’day.

      Sure, sure, he is semi famous now.

  2. yes yes noticed that’ what made ME happy’. we want to hear what pleases us:)

    I like this ritual before the bed you have..lovely.
    Though not sure we need a Brown History month -black history month was much celebrated here too-, but this kido of yours will be famous and I will be reading about him, for sure

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