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Hip hip hurray! (LMT)

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Hip hip hurray, here we enter new foray! What’s all the excitement about? Check this link. That’s the picture that Hari took and submitted as part of the NPR’s Backseat Book Club assignment for February.  I know it is one of the several pictures that were submitted, still it’s mighty thrilling to see Hari’s name, and his work printed on the NPR blog site. Do check out the pictures by other kids. Some of them are very profound and heart warming.


When I heard about NPR’s Backseat Book Club, I knew instantly that it is something that I would like Hari to be part of. It seemed like a cool way to introduce him to the concept of book club and another opportunity for us to bond over books. He is underage (in terms of content) for some of the recommended books, so the plan was (and is) to read the books to him at bed time . For instance, Shooting Kabul was a very heavy book in terms of topics covered – 9/11, Taliban, caste conflict, and oppression. Since I read the book to him, I was selective about what and how much I exposed him to.

7 thoughts on “Hip hip hurray! (LMT)

  1. You know, for some reason, my daughter does not seem interested in this club, despite all my trials of getting her into it. She prefers to choose her own books.

    I find that funny, because I constantly look for guidance to choose books, The girl does not mind making a mistake, as long as the choice is entirely hers.

    It takes all sorts to make this world, I guess !

  2. Hurrah indeed….congrats Hari..loved the picture…glad to hear about the site..will check it out…could do with all sorts of book recommendations…….

    1. Just the caveat that the books are mostly recommended for older kids. So you may have to try it out before bringing it up with your little one. I generally read it to Atul.

  3. This is very sweet Hari’s photo is special, and I loved seeing the photos of the other kids. truly heartwarming. Kids are so wise and present!

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