Overcoming an addiction (LMT post)

This post is late by a day, but going by last week’s standards it’s early by five days.  Due apologies to Mia for breaking the Thursday rule!

I was never a tea or coffee person until recently. Then, what began as a once a week indulgence became a daily habit. Before I knew it, it had spread its tentacles and established a tight grip on me.  Not to brag, but I do make delicious tea. Atleast I like it the way I make it. With a dash of ginger and a hint of mint. Yum, yum and yum! It gave the perfect start to my day and was just the comfort drink I needed to plow through the evening. So what was the problem? Here’s the thing about addiction. It makes you involuntarily surrender to the habit without you having any control over it. And that’s what bothered me about my daily intake of this cherished beverage.

Last Saturday morning, I decided to be in charge. I decided to call it quits. I ended the first day with a throbbing headache and a feeling of deprivation. For the next couple of days, the headache vanished but the sense of deprivation lasted and taunted me especially in the evening when hunger pangs would shoot my temper to its boiling point. It took two days of saying no to that enticing voice of addiction. Today, as I type this post, I can proudly proclaim that I am a former tea addict. Tea intake is now a fond memory, not a stubborn habit.

This week’s LMT celebrates little moments of self control.

8 thoughts on “Overcoming an addiction (LMT post)

  1. Mine was coffee. And I have kicked it since this year began as well. I still have a one or two sips, with company, but that is entirely for company (Southie Tambram household, no coffee?), and not for the coffee as it used to be.
    But why tea? I thought tea was good for you?

  2. I would love to kick out the tea habit too, but my conundrum is what to replace it with. I want to have some milk based drink in the morn and evening (I don’t drink coffee, chocolate milk is too sugary) and so tea slowly became an everyday phenomenon. Few years back, it was Viva or Boost or some such drink, which I am trying not to drink now (loaded with grains/sugar etc being the reason). So, tell me what did you replace it with?

    1. A-kay – for the morning dose, I substitute with kanji, which doubles as breakfast. When I am in the mood for it, I make milagu manjal (even if I don’t have a cold) or drink plain milk (although it’s a form I am still learning to develop a taste for). Mostly, I drink Complan. Some day I will wean myself of it. Another suggestion is to make the equivalent of MTR badam mix by leaving out the unhealthy stuff.

      1. Thanks Maha for indulging me and responding 🙂 The equivalent of MTR Badam mix has been in my mind as I drink badam milk every once in a while. May be I should give it a shot. Milagu Manjal sounds too drastic to me and I don’t think I will want to drink it unless I have a cold 😉

        Anyway, over the weekend I got a spiced chocolate powder (it has cayenne, cinnamon etc) @ TJ’s and thankfully it is not too sweet. So far, I have cut down 2 chais to one this week and as I suspected, I did not have any withdrawal pangs as all I want is a cup of hot “something-mixed-in” milk although I do love a good ginger chai 🙂 Thanks for the nudge that helped me give up (albeit slowly).

  3. I am a non drinker of tea and coffee, but every now and then I do drink it…esp. if you made it the way you write it – yum yum. Moderation is key…I am trying to figure out how I can moderate things…but quits seems to be more and more better…I have to say i have been drinking more tea recently than i have done in the past….not sure if that will become an addiction or not – hopefully not.

  4. This is great Maha! Though that tea does sound amazing. But can’t beat the taste of freedom – drink tea when you want to, not because you have to.

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