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Priority No. 1 (LMT post)

I have never been so glad that I am jet lagged.  I woke up at 3:10 this morning with the sole intention to attack the number one item in my To Do list. Watch the two back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Gotcha, didn’t I? Here you were thinking that I would say something like get the house in order, make healthy meals for my family, tackle pending commitments at work or something to that effect. What can I say, I am shallow and crazy that way!

No matter how busy I am, Grey’s Anatomy is my non-tradable segment of my me time. The one that I look forward to every Friday night.  I love love the friendship between Mer and Yang. The chemistry between Mer and Derek.  Altman mentoring Yang. Handsome Avery and cute Arizona. The arrogant but talented Karev. The dutiful Owen. The uptight but passionate Bailey.  The voice over in the beginning and end of the episodes that sprinkles words of wisdom.  Oh I could go on and on. But don’t take my word for it, go to Hulu and sample a non-finale episode to know what I am talking about.

Now that I have had my fill of Mer and Yang, If you will excuse me I have to be the  responsible adult I am suppose to be and  tackle the finer priorities of life that are glaring right at me.  While I do that if you have an equivalent of Grey’s Anatomy , share it with me.  Please, pretty please?

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Hi there

A living room that is begging to be cleaned and organized. Two jet lagged kids who will wake up any second screaming for attention. 79 unread emails from work. 57 unread emails on my gmail account. Lunch and dinner waiting to be planned and cooked. A cell phone that is running out of juice.

The usual story – so much to do in so little time. What better opportunity than now to sneak in a post and put an end to this unintended blogging break.

I have missed writing. I have missed sharing tidbits of my life with you. Most of all, I have missed hearing from you in return. How about we get started by sharing one random nitty gritty detail from our lives over the past few months? Here’s mine. During my recent India trip, I went to my high school and stood under the gigantic banyan tree under which I have assembled as a schoolgirl a gazillion times. Sharing this piece of my childhood with my kids meant the world to me. Now on to you – what’s your story?