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Hi there

A living room that is begging to be cleaned and organized. Two jet lagged kids who will wake up any second screaming for attention. 79 unread emails from work. 57 unread emails on my gmail account. Lunch and dinner waiting to be planned and cooked. A cell phone that is running out of juice.

The usual story – so much to do in so little time. What better opportunity than now to sneak in a post and put an end to this unintended blogging break.

I have missed writing. I have missed sharing tidbits of my life with you. Most of all, I have missed hearing from you in return. How about we get started by sharing one random nitty gritty detail from our lives over the past few months? Here’s mine. During my recent India trip, I went to my high school and stood under the gigantic banyan tree under which I have assembled as a schoolgirl a gazillion times. Sharing this piece of my childhood with my kids meant the world to me. Now on to you – what’s your story?

7 thoughts on “Hi there

  1. Welcome back home.
    It was great talking to you. Hope to meet you during your next visit.
    My current status? Fallowing in Srirangam. Brain in freeze mode.

    1. It was so nice catching up with you LG. Felt like I have known you for ages, which is kinda cool given that both of us are the ones that are capable of getting tongue tied! Yes, yes, let’s make plans for next time.

  2. first-you are super cool! to do a post in amidst the chaos..
    how lovely to share of piece of your chilhood peace moment with kids. I took kids to my engg college during the last india trip..a moment to cherish forever.

    to share a nitty: though I am not an avid reader, have not read a book in 6 or so months. so last week on impulse picked up Shoba Narayan’s Monsoon Diaries from the library adn finished fast track. It is a memoir and it provided a great insight into the childhood of you, Lakshs, akay ( or so I think)..moved on to next book..need to pick up my sudoku too.i feel bit of a mess recently..

    so friends over for the weekend then?

    1. Shy, don’t think your comment came as a reply to LG. The comment thread is nested I think. Nice to know about this book… you have tried goodreads – believe it’s a site that helps you keep track of books you want to read, read review from others etc. Plan to enroll there to keep up my reading habit. You are a sudoku person…. I have never tried my hands on one.

    1. And Shy, w.r.t. your comment on doing a post amidst chaos…I think this juggling, running behind time, chasing deadlines , family and work commitments are here to stay… and that’s a good thing. It means I have a full life. So I should be happy and find ways to find balance.

  3. Dear Maha,
    Lovely to read your posts. How wonderful for the kids to be under the same banyan tree! A memorable moment. We also just returned from India two weeks ago. Here is my memorable moment – Anjali’s first time on the beach I grew up going to. Well, second time really, but she was too little to remember the last time. It was incredible to see her delight.

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