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Catching up

Long time no hear, how are you guys and gals doing?

I am typing this post on my iPad, which Da so thoughtfully gifted to me for my b’day. It’s a huge deal because if Apple were a religion, Da would be an atheist. On the other hand, I am an ardent Apple devotee although I have never stared at an Apple product for more than five minutes at a stretch, let alone using one. The reason I bring this up is because I am typing this post on a program/app called Notes. It’s the coolest thing I have ever seen. What is not to love about it – the simple but elegant design, the fonts that mimic handwritten notes, the trash can that opens up to swallow the deleted notes. I could go on and on. Truly, if Steve Jobs believed that he was at the juncture where science and art meets, his products are a testimony to that conviction.

Ok, now that I have got it out of my chest, how about I come to the point of this post, which is simply to catch up with you all. Did you do anything fun, special, interesting or strange since the last time I posted something here. Share something, anything. I am all ears.

Just before I went away on vacation to India, I had change of role at work. I have transitioned from a product management role to a customer facing role. Although I support the products I formerly owned, the dynamics are different. So yeah, there is a learning curve. The work is intensive and spills over my home time. I would like to believe that this experience is helping me grow and mould as a person, and by extension as a parent. Only time will tell. For now I am doing the best I can because anything that is worth doing is worth doing well, what do you say?

What’s happening on the home front? The kids are a riot. Hari is on summer vacation. He is enrolled in numerous camps, all of which whet his appetite for sports in one form or another. He is the proud owner of guppies, which he won on a raffle from school. More on his school activities in a following post. Ram has a new name – we call him Joy because he truly fills our household with cheer. Peals of giggles, ever ready to swing, sway and play… yes, we are still smitten by this little mister. Da as always is the very epitome of equanimity, slowly chipping away on our ever increasing and aging list of things to do, and holding down the fort as work commitments consume me.

Time has definitely become a scarce commodity. On a good day, I feel fortunate for all the opportunities I am blessed with and am determined to strike a balance amidst competing priorities. On a not so good day, I feel like I am falling short on all fronts and my priorities in life are upside down. The hope is with time and practice, the good days will far exceed the not so good days. Either that or I reassess my priorities.

Now tell me, what’s up at your end?

5 thoughts on “Catching up

    1. LG – inertia for anything specific or things in general? Very often I go through that phase as well. Checked your posts, will hop back again to comment.

  1. Summer heat and family time consumes my days… No complaints here…enjoy your apple, I am ha vying f in with ours…

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