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Utterly butterly

Guess what Ram says in his utterly butterly voice? Butterfly! The exclamation mark has been added on purpose to capture the delight in his tone every time he utters the word. Da and I get a kick out of constantly pointing to pictures of the insect and have him say it. We also indulge him and ourselves in the process by playing the aha oh butterfly song on our car. He would listen to the keyboard in the beginning with anticipation, and just as the flute starts to work its magic, a smile would spread on his lips, as though implying, “Hey, i know this song”, and he would eagerly exclaim with a twinkle in his eye –  Butterfly! Always a delight to be part of these precious little moments. On that note, I leave you with the song that is the current favorite  in our household. I would recommend listening to the song without the video, which I think is quite distracting.  Oh butterfly butterfly

8 thoughts on “Utterly butterly

    1. UL – on being a social buttefly – takes a while for him to come out of his cocoon, but once he spreads his wings out he can be a little charmer.

  1. before i clicked the link, it hought it is a children’s song. You are right, beautiful song, video is distracting.
    Gld to know your dear little butterfly is flying all over expanding his horizons.

  2. Beautiful! 🙂 I’m smiling listening to the song. Amazing the joy children have for simple things. Wishing your little one many many more butterflies…!

    1. Welcome Mom of A and a..!

      A couple of bloggers do this series called LMT – Little Moments Thursday (LMT). The goal is to celebrate little moments, small joys that we tend to take for granted in the humdrum of life. Every since we started doing this, it feels like our life is filled with these little moments, if only we opened our eyes to it.

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