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The Year of the Rose

I do not remember distinctly how I landed on Shubha’s Weblog, but I have been following her for more than a couple of years. Subha is a published author. She practices mindfullness and has a nearly two year old in tow. I look forward to her posts, not only for the reading pleasure they bring but also to learn from her practice of mindfullness and apply it to my living.

Accepting myself for who I am, with my own strenghts and weaknesses. Being aware of what Hari and I call as our “judging voice” and letting it go. Being magnanimous with my follies and treating myself with compassion.  Just be, here, now, in this moment. These are few things that I have been inculcating in my life, thanks to wisdom from Shuba’s posts and other bloggers on my Reader list.

Subha has recently published a book called The Year of the Rose: Reflections of a new mother and lessons in mindfulness and loving-kindness. The second I read the announcement on my reader, my dilemma was not whether I should buy the book or not. But whether I should get a soft or a hard copy. I chose the hardy copy version because I knew I would want to read the book over and again, which is what I have been doing ever since the book arrived.

Please  check out Subha’s space, and if the writings resonate with you, do consider purchasing her book. I can assure you it is time and money well spent.

3 thoughts on “The Year of the Rose

  1. I notice that there are no reviews for the book in Amazon. Perhaps you can consider posting your review there as well.

  2. Thank you Maha! I’m honored, touched and filled with gratitude. I can only think of Rumi’s words: ‘help coming without asking! with grief washed away, sweet gratefulness arrives’. And LG, so appreciate your comment. I’m struggling with how to get the word out – so every review, every post, every comment helps.

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