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Sibling-ness (LMT Post)

Ram is fiddling with his toys while Hari is minding his business. Out of the blue, Ram says, “I like you anna.” What a sweet surprise, I turn to Hari and ask, “Did you hear that?”. He blushes, feeling very flattered , and tells him, “Thank you Ram. I like you too!”

Not a dramatic “I love you” but an intentional “I like you” expressed unexpectedly, unasked, uttered just like that for no rhyme or reason. A sibling moment that will be etched in my memory forever.

Remember one of my older posts in which I mentioned that Hari likes to read Richard Scarry’s books at bedtime, and how it had a calming effect on him. These days we discuss a different subject – Ram!!! As I tuck Hari, he would ask me, “Tell me stories of rowdy kutti Amma. They calm me down and make my nightmares go away.” “You know what he did today at daycare”, saying so I would start the Ram Leela, the story of our sweet little Ram. And then we would giggle uncontrollably reliving Ram’s childish pranks and antics, and the cuteness of it all.

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