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Catching up

I was going over some of my older blog posts today. Generally, when I do that I cringe and squirm at all the grammatical and structural errors in the content. But today, I was pleasantly surprised at how nostalgic I felt as I read the little slices of life captured in those posts despite the imperfections. And with that came the desire to preserve more of these slices that quietly slip into oblivion only to be forgotten.

That’s my long winded way of saying that I want to get regular at blogging. So, what’s up at my end?

– We have a brand new itsy bitsy bundle. Da’s sister had her second child, a sweet little baby doll, on Oct. 17th. We are thrilled to have another girl in the mix and look forward to pampering her. And yes, we get to pick a name. I am rooting for “Rasika”. I have always liked how it sounded but after learning what Rasa meant in a recent dance workshop, I had to pick this name for our niece. To put it simply, Rasa means that which must be relished. Rasika is someone who knows how to relish. Our Rasika will be someone who will know how to relish the little pleasures and the grandeurs of life.

– Hari is cruising along well at school. We have heard some really good things about his teacher – that she is thorough, takes the time to understand your child and work with him, so and so forth. The theme for this year at school seems to be awareness – what makes a good reader? what are some things that good writers do? what are the steps you need to follow in scientific experiments? how can you break numbers in different combinations? what makes you a good citizen? I wish I could go back to second grade and get my basics stronger! At home, this year we will be working with Hari to have him accountable for the quality of his work. To do his personal best in all his endeavors, be it raking leaves in the driveway or writing an essay for school.

– This year is big year in terms of extra curricular activities for Hari. He has been pursuing swimming, skating and piano for four years – and he has moved to advanced levels in these spheres. Now that his skills are established, his interest and flair will be our guidance in deciding whether to pursue these activities or not.

– Ram is doing dandy. Tons of playing, bonding, and fighting with anna. He is becoming quite the daddy’s child, clinging to appa when he is distressed or when amma gives a cold stare. Very verbal and participative, is building vocabulary by leaps and bounds. He is also getting more social and friendlier with folks that we do not meet as often. Not inclined to the potty yet, but has strong preferences for what he would like to wear or eat. Time to go preschool hunting for this child!

– I think Da is doing well. The word “think” should say it all – how we are drowned in our respective commitments with barely time for each other. That’s how this phase of life is suppose to be, isn’t it? No matter what, whether I am away on business travel, or to teach in Sunday school or to attend dance workshop, he is there for me offering a helping hand, and a supportive shoulder with a smile on his face, never for once making me feel he is doing us a favor or make me feel guilty about wanting to do more. I doubt if I will be as supportive if he and I switched roles. God bless him!

– And how about me? I have choked my family and myself with all the additional commitments I have taken up. Commitments of my choice, and once I am glad that I acted on, but ones I will have to get better at managing so that I can do more for my family. There have been role changes at work, so I am trying to figure out how I can meaningfully contribute in the changed environment.Outside of work, I teach culture in Sunday school, one that I put my heart and soul into. Dance class is going well. I have my first dance performance this Sunday after a long break – nothing fancy, a small Vijayadasami offering in a group setting.

So that’s my story. Tell me, what’s up at your end. I am all ears!

6 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. “I want to get regular at blogging”.
    Whew. Glad for the realisation. It was getting incredibly boring in my reader without you.
    Sounds like the family is chugging along pretty well. Good for you. Dance performance and all…cool.
    As for my end…I seem to be comatose. Partly because a work deadline is still a fortnight away, navarathri just got done and I am yet to recover, and most importantly, it has been incredibly quiet at the comments section at my blog..hint hint.

    1. Thank you LG – your comment makes me want to write more. Have promised myself to do so. Will hop over to your space to comment!

  2. Good to hear all your news…many many birthday wishes to Ram..albeit belated, am sure he is having a wonderful second year so far…I remembered and then forgot to wish….lovely to hear you are back into a routine…and dancing again…I am sure having a cute two year old to practice with at home…makes it even more sweeter..and motivation to get back in…and your older one is all grown…will have to meet up sometime soon… Love to all

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when we can go back and read our blog posts? 🙂 I agree, it always makes me want to write more. I look forward to hearing from you more often! I love reading the snippets of your life and I can see how much you give of yourself in everything you do. It is inspiring. Be well..!

    1. Thanks Subha! Glad the feeling is mutual. Hope you guys weathered the storm ok!

      On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Thoughts Unlimited

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