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Halloween this year

Halloween this year was bittersweet.

Bitter because we saw the older child’s enthusiasm for this much cherished event tad diminishing. “I will just wear my pirate jacket amma, that should be good.” This is a child who tends to plan his costume a month in advance. Coming to think of it, perhaps it’s attributable to the lack of shopping in the real world, which is pretty much confined to CVS and Market Basket, thanks to the online retail wonder called Amazon. After much prodding, he took out last year’s Ninja costume, but from that moment on there was no stopping.

Sweet because the younger one was uber excited getting dressed up. “Butterfly amma” “Look look alligator” “Amma Thomas, Percy, James”. The child had enthusiasm written all over his face as he marched in the town parade dressed in Winnie the Pooh costume. He ventured out for trick or treating with appa and a couple of annas, thrilled to bits. I am not exaggerating when I say that he went to bed holding the pumpkin pail in his hand.

And as for visits to our house, the power cut only added to the spookiness and was a nice halloween touch to our neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “Halloween this year

  1. Aha…my little one reflected your hari’s enthusiasm with regards to costumes..:) our babies have grown…any pics of your little one?

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