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Turning Eight

The child who gave us the gift of parenting turned 8 years old on Thanksgiving day. An apt occasion to celebrate one of the most beautiful and cherished gifts of our lives.

Here’s to the child that listens to board books in rapt attention even as he revels in the pranks of Calvin and Hobbes and dreams of teleporting just like Harry did. To the child that dodges hugs and kisses but would plead to snuggle up before bedtime. To the child that acts all macho showing off his “muscles” but would drown in a pool of tears should I as much say an unkind word.

To the child that shows me my place when I fall from grace – “Amma, it’s not ok to use angry voice even when you are upset. May be you should calm yourself down.” To the child that knows his place – “Ram, I am your anna, so you cannot boss me. You have to listen to me, ok?” To the child that is compassionate – “Amma, my friends think that their younger brothers and sisters are annoying. I don’t have the heart to call Ram annoying. He is so cute.” To the child that weaves magic with his words – “Amma have I told you, you are my circle of love. You make me feel safe” To the child who knows to smooth talk – “Amma I don’t want to give you trouble, but if you don’t mind can you search for my Pokemon card when you are cleaning the house.” To the child who has figured it out – “Amma I don’t think Tooth Fairies are real. I think it’s you or appa slipping dollar notes under my pillow. I also think Santa is not real, the gift from Santa had your handwriting on it.”

To the child that is very articulate – “Mama, when I do things that I have to do, my brain is thinking about things that I want to do so I am not able to focus on things that I have to do.” To the child that is very Zen – “Hari, what would you do when your friend insists on trading back your Pokemon cards.” “I just let go mama.” To the child with faith – “Mama, do you believe in God? I think God exists.”

Raising Hari has often left us wondering who is molding who in this relationship and has taught me that maturity has nothing to do with age. To our darling Hari, wishing you a heart full of happiness and love, a mind full of faith and belief, and a brain full of thoughts and ideas, and more. Go Hari! Happy eighth birthday to you.

8 thoughts on “Turning Eight

  1. Children come into our lives to make us better – what a wonderful child and what good parenting. God bless all of you for enriching each others lives.

  2. Suma
    We share your happiness and moments of exuberance of Joy on this Occasion. Happy birthday wishes to the Boy who shared my shoulders till he was 6 months.
    appa and amma.

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