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Wishes and learnings

Motivation to live the best life you can. Determination to pursue dreams close to your heart. Courage to step beyond your comfort zone. Perspectives that will broaden your outlook. Attitudes that will help you surmount challenges. Abundant love and support from family and friends. Pinkest of health, physical and emotional. We wish you all these and whatever it is your heart desires, this new year and always. Happy 2013.


2012 seems to have slipped by in a heartbeat, isn’t it? Here’s my attempt to step back and take stock of what I have learned in 2012.

– Breathing in and breathing out makes you feel lighter.
– If you allow your mind to do the talking, you have lost control!
– When you refuse to step beyond your comfort zone, you miss an opportunity to make progress. And what you are left with is plain fear that will only continue to hold you back unless you do something about it.
– Some of the challenges that I am helping my kids work on are the ones that I need help with. Time management, temper control, staying disciplined etc.
– If I followed half of what I preached my kids, I will be twice the better person I am today.
– Pleading and begging are tantrums in disguise.
– I absolutely cannot handle less than eight hours of sleep. Period.
– I tend to err on the side of giving benefit of doubt and sometimes that can leave me in a reactive mode.
– I can sometimes make things more complicated than what they are.
– I have a compulsive need to see how the dots connect.
– Life is what it is. What adjective you use to describe it (good, beautiful, unfair etc.) is a reflection of your convictions, values, and how your experiences have molded you.
– Anything that is not rocket science, cannot be rocket science. You just need the desire to learn and the willingness to do.
– Your personality is reflected in the tiniest things that you handle. Like in slicing an apple or washing the dishes.

Now your turn, what did 2012 teach you? how do you plan to apply those learning in 2013?

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Ho ho ho…

Does it feel like Christmas in your house? It sure does in ours!

Like every other year, the serial lights were brought to life around Deepavali. The lights were programmed to turn on at 4:30 P.M. and go down at 10:30 P.M. And every evening over the past few weeks, we have taken delight in getting a glimpse of our well lit tree as we pulled into our driveway at the end of the work day. The Christmas songs in our playlist has been on an endless loop for few weeks now and you could say that the songs are struck in our heads, especially Ram, who is constantly humming and singing Jingle Bells.

Speculation was rife as to whether Santa is real or not. “Amma I believe in Santa but I just would like to know if he is real”, said a torn Hari. Somehow the dots didn’t connect for him. “I am going to hold you tight when I sleep on the night of Christmas eve, so you cannot slip to deliver my present”, said a half convinced Hari who inferred that it was his mom who delivered the present last year from the handwriting on his present. His fears were somewhat assuaged when Santa himself left a message for him. “Your father told me you have been a good big brother and that you like super heroes. So you will be the first to get a surprise when I visit your state. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas.” The giggle on his face as he heard the message was priceless!

Last night Hari came running to our room at midnight. “Amma where is Santa now?” We had to calm him down and tell him that he is getting ready to deliver presents in Australia. Since this morning, Hari and Ram have been tracking Santa, who as I type this post is headed to Norway. So gotta rush now to roll up my sleeves and bake cookies with my children for the beloved Saint.

While I do that, here’s wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Some pearls of wisdom

It is not often that you get an opportunity to work with charismatic people. So when you do, it would be a crime to not soak in that experience. On work front, our team is fortunate to be led by a very capable leader, who inspires us to get smarter and nicer every day. Who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Whenever I get an opportunity to be in the same room as he is, I greedily devour every word he utters. Here are some pearls of wisdom that were strung together in our company year end event, a theme that was repeated throughout the year. I am recording them here as I find them useful for my personal life as well.

“Embrace. The world is constantly changing. You can resist and get hit by the bus or embrace the change and move forward. No matter who you are, what you do, what your challenges and constraints are, embrace them.

Engage. Be engaged in what you do. Don’t sit there and complain. Be part of the solution.

Aspire. To do great things. to push yourself hard. To make yourself uncomfortable.”

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Like many other parents around me, I have been going through bouts of extreme sadness as the details around the CT shooting incident is being unravelled. Even as a mute and distant spectator, my heart weighs a million pounds heavier. I can’t fathom what it must be for the affected families. I can’t imagine what it must be to have the light of your life snatched away, just like that, for no rhyme or reason.

We wanted Hari to hear about the incident from us first hand. So we briefed him at a high level without going into the details. But kids talk, and by this evening he had heard it all. He was intrigued. He asked several questions. We talked about safety, we talked about gun controls, we talked about mental health, we talked about natural consequences. And we prayed for humanity.

It could have been anybody. It could have been us. But the truth is, it was not us. We cannot live our lives in fear and imagining the worst. And not everybody gets to life an uneventful life. So the ones that are blessed with an uneventful life, should handle it with care and respect. We should focus on living the best lives we can. Raise responsible and independent kids. Be an aware, informed and contributing member of the society. Be sensitive and sensible individuals. Go beyond our circumstances. Offer a helping hand. Make a difference. And be human.

Update: Here are some ways in which you can help out the families and make a difference.