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Like many other parents around me, I have been going through bouts of extreme sadness as the details around the CT shooting incident is being unravelled. Even as a mute and distant spectator, my heart weighs a million pounds heavier. I can’t fathom what it must be for the affected families. I can’t imagine what it must be to have the light of your life snatched away, just like that, for no rhyme or reason.

We wanted Hari to hear about the incident from us first hand. So we briefed him at a high level without going into the details. But kids talk, and by this evening he had heard it all. He was intrigued. He asked several questions. We talked about safety, we talked about gun controls, we talked about mental health, we talked about natural consequences. And we prayed for humanity.

It could have been anybody. It could have been us. But the truth is, it was not us. We cannot live our lives in fear and imagining the worst. And not everybody gets to life an uneventful life. So the ones that are blessed with an uneventful life, should handle it with care and respect. We should focus on living the best lives we can. Raise responsible and independent kids. Be an aware, informed and contributing member of the society. Be sensitive and sensible individuals. Go beyond our circumstances. Offer a helping hand. Make a difference. And be human.

Update: Here are some ways in which you can help out the families and make a difference.

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