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Wishes and learnings

Motivation to live the best life you can. Determination to pursue dreams close to your heart. Courage to step beyond your comfort zone. Perspectives that will broaden your outlook. Attitudes that will help you surmount challenges. Abundant love and support from family and friends. Pinkest of health, physical and emotional. We wish you all these and whatever it is your heart desires, this new year and always. Happy 2013.


2012 seems to have slipped by in a heartbeat, isn’t it? Here’s my attempt to step back and take stock of what I have learned in 2012.

– Breathing in and breathing out makes you feel lighter.
– If you allow your mind to do the talking, you have lost control!
– When you refuse to step beyond your comfort zone, you miss an opportunity to make progress. And what you are left with is plain fear that will only continue to hold you back unless you do something about it.
– Some of the challenges that I am helping my kids work on are the ones that I need help with. Time management, temper control, staying disciplined etc.
– If I followed half of what I preached my kids, I will be twice the better person I am today.
– Pleading and begging are tantrums in disguise.
– I absolutely cannot handle less than eight hours of sleep. Period.
– I tend to err on the side of giving benefit of doubt and sometimes that can leave me in a reactive mode.
– I can sometimes make things more complicated than what they are.
– I have a compulsive need to see how the dots connect.
– Life is what it is. What adjective you use to describe it (good, beautiful, unfair etc.) is a reflection of your convictions, values, and how your experiences have molded you.
– Anything that is not rocket science, cannot be rocket science. You just need the desire to learn and the willingness to do.
– Your personality is reflected in the tiniest things that you handle. Like in slicing an apple or washing the dishes.

Now your turn, what did 2012 teach you? how do you plan to apply those learning in 2013?

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