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Absence creates fondness (LMT Post)

Seated by the window, I am flying back home after a two-day business trip. The aerial view of the land below is simply stunning. It is as if someone has covered mother earth with a warm blanket of fireflies on this cold winter night.

At the airport, I picked a tiny Cookie Monster stuffed toy for Ram. It seemed like the right gift for a child who never misses an opportunity to check out what Sesame character adorns his diaper. Between a Sudoku activity book and a fancy bookmark, I picked the latter for Hari. The child has been using the library receipt as a bookmark, may be this fancy toy will jazz up the reading experience for him. I chose a bookmark that said, “Real books do not catch viruses” for Da, who is an early adopter of ebooks and online reading. May be it will come in handy for the few real books he reads every now and then.

Armed with these little toys, I am looking forward to going home. I am looking forward to having a steaming cup of creamy milk mixed with two heaps of Complan. I am looking forward to sneaking into the room to curl up with my sonny boys. When I do so, I know they will instinctively curl up to me, wrapping me in a cocoon of love. And for those few moments, my heart will be full, with gratitude and contentment, and life will seem perfect as is!

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