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A storm is brewing

And I mean that literally. My state and my town is under weather advisory starting later today until tomorrow evening. The storm is labeled as epic storm, historic storm, storm of 2013 and what not. We are expected to get anywhere between a foot to three feet of snow.

School and extracurricular activities have been canceled. We have received messages from the town asking us to stay indoors and keep safe. Needless to say, there is mass hysteria out there – lines at gas stations, grocery stores running out of stock, so on and so forth. Right now, it feels cosy and safe with all of us under the same roof. Snow tubes and sleds are being dusted out for some serious snow fun following the storm. Plans are being made to watch movies and play board games as a family. Grown ups are getting mentally prepared for all the shoveling.

Beneath all this excitement, there is a voice of caution and an attitude of gratitude. It’s freezing out there, so we are fondly hoping and praying that the most we will whine about after the storm has passed, is all the heavy lifting we had to do as a result of the snow pile up. Keep all of us, especially the ones without roof over their heads, in your prayers.