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Car pooling tales (LMT post)

Hari has been taking part in competitive swimming for the past couple of years. Something we are doing primarily to keep up with some physical activity during the winter months. This year was special because a couple of his friends joined the fun as well. And these kiddos have known each other since preschool days, so it’s always delightful to see them together and see how the dynamics are evolving.

I look forward to every other Thursday, when it’s my turn to carpool, to take a little glimpse into the second grade gossip and what’s happening in their little world. And if you thought chit chatting is reserved for girls, let me dispel the myth for you. These boys talk like there is no tomorrow, and like they have not seen each other in ages.

One day the topic is on how to cheat parents – “dude, it’s important, not to have weird expressions on your face” “don’t look guilty, ok.” Then on other days, it takes a 360 degree turn and it’s about making the right choices – “My advise to you would be, if you have promised your mom not to trade those cards, you should keep that promise. You should not do something that does not feel right to you because you are friends are asking you to do. You should do what your brain is asking you to do.”. Then on some other days, it’s about girls – “We like them, but we do not have a crush on them.” “And why are girls bossy anyway?”. And then on other days, it’s about money talk and doing mental arithmetic – “I think our moms are rich. They have 20 dollars in their wallet.” “ok, you have ten seconds, can you tell me what 1 million times 1 million is?”

I sit there in the driver’s seat pretending to be as invisible as I can, with a chuckle here and a giggle there. And then there are days when I get the honor of being invited to their fun.

2 thoughts on “Car pooling tales (LMT post)

    1. Completely with you on this. Bigger the gang, merrier the entertainment!

      On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 6:26 AM, Thoughts Unlimited

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