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Growing up (LMT Post)

“Mom, today I did something I am very proud of. My friend Jack said that a brown kid bullied his sister and he thought that it was me. But I promise it was not me. I asked his sister for description and found out who that kid was. So I brought him to Jack and his sister and asked his sister if he was the brown kid that bullied her. When she said yes, I asked him to apologize and he did”

You preach, your admonish, and you applaud. You instill values in the best possible manner that you can… and then you wonder, are these empty words? is the kid making any sense out of it? are these making a difference? And then once in a while when you hear stories like this, it reassures you that may be, just may be, we are sailing in the right direction.

And in case you were wondering if “brown kid” was used in a racial sort way. Not at all, kids of this age use it in a matter-of-fact manner, alteast that has been our experience so far. No offense is taken when no offense is meant. Kids don’t read in between lines as yet or worry about being politically right, thank God for that!

2 thoughts on “Growing up (LMT Post)

  1. Amazing, Maha. When I read this on my iphone, it made me smile. You must feel so proud! I have been taking my time savoring your posts – lovely!

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