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My mom in six words

In honor of Mother’s Day, NPR posed a question in this article – How would you sum up your mom in six words? I didn’t have to think for long. The words simply came tumbling out of my mind..

Amma – if you are reading this, here’s a shout out to you. These are the six words that I would use to describe you – Strong, Supportive, Resilient, Dutiful, Content, and Smart.

When it comes to you and me, these are some of my favorite things -I like how you sign your emails with “love and blessings, amma”, that always lifts my spirits . I like to hear you get excited about your plants, flowers, fruits and trees, it makes me feel like I know you more as a person. I like to look for subtle clues in our conversations to sense what I can buy for you because I know you will never ask for anything. I like that you think that I am capable of handling challenges that get thrown my way, it makes me feel stronger. Happy Mother’s Day Amma. Loads of love to you.

Now my readers, your turn – how would you describe your mom in six words?