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My mom in six words

In honor of Mother’s Day, NPR posed a question in this article – How would you sum up your mom in six words? I didn’t have to think for long. The words simply came tumbling out of my mind..

Amma – if you are reading this, here’s a shout out to you. These are the six words that I would use to describe you – Strong, Supportive, Resilient, Dutiful, Content, and Smart.

When it comes to you and me, these are some of my favorite things -I like how you sign your emails with “love and blessings, amma”, that always lifts my spirits . I like to hear you get excited about your plants, flowers, fruits and trees, it makes me feel like I know you more as a person. I like to look for subtle clues in our conversations to sense what I can buy for you because I know you will never ask for anything. I like that you think that I am capable of handling challenges that get thrown my way, it makes me feel stronger. Happy Mother’s Day Amma. Loads of love to you.

Now my readers, your turn – how would you describe your mom in six words?

10 thoughts on “My mom in six words

  1. Beautiful, strong, charming, tasteful, bright and lively. Sadly for me, the word “dead” also comes up 😦
    Happy mother’s day.

  2. Intelligent, diligent, Cleanliness freak, caring, savvy, strong.
    Hope your Mother’s Day was lovely and hope the boys spoilt you!!

  3. I will sum up your mother only in one sentence …..
    I see my wife a mother in her ever since she entered my life 37 years back…… fortunate am I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good one Maha, after a wait of 2 months. I kept wondering why there were no recent posts after March. Hope you are doing good. Keep writing as we all love your narrations.

    1. Thank you Lavanya. I should get into the habit of writing more often. I miss writing. We are doing well. Hope it’s the same with you as well.

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