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Little Moments for this week (LMT Post)

Serving little moments of joy and slices of bliss from this week:

– The yellow and blue lily dancing a solo in our front lawn.

– The rose bush in the back yard bursting with roses inspite of gross neglect from our end.

– “I don’t remember. I want to learn the numbers from the book mommy. Can you read it to me?”, Ram innocently remarks in an attempt to get me to read to him at breakfast.

– Ram graduating from “I don’t want to wear underwear mommy, I want to wear diaper only.” to “I don’t want the red one mommy, I want Thomas underwear.”

– Ram wanting to wear the said undie all by himself. A few minutes later, he jubilantly declares “Yes, I did it”. I turn back and see that one of the openings is wrapped around his hip instead of one of his legs. He is bending down to figure out why he is feeling uncomfortable and exposed although he is “wearing” the underwear.

– Hari smiling sheepishly, pride written all over his face, as Ram calls him out loudly “hi anna” in front of his mates at baseball game. The glint in his eyes said it all – yes, that’s me, his darling anna and he is mine!

– Hari and I scrambling and working hard for Tamizh exam in the 11th hour. 93 words to be memorized with the right spelling.

– Hari and Ram fighting with each other like Tom and Jerry. Can’t be with each other, can’t be without each other.

– Veggies spring rolls from the routine grocery shopping. Simply yum!

– Genuine recognition at work – got called nice, smart and customer centric!

– Pausing during the morning rush to play catch with Hari and Ram before the school bus arrives.

– Ray, Debra, Maurie, Frank and Rob regaling me with their humor on a Monday night. Everybody Loves Raymond never grows old on me.

– Rasika squealing in delight, flashing her toothless grin as I sing to her on webcam. Hearing Shraddha chit chat on the phone and say “annnnnaaaaa”.

– Pick up notice from the library for a book that I had reserved – The Book of My Lives by Aleksandar Hemon.

– My new dance costume arrived- algae green body with maroon border designed with thread work.

Alright then, have a good weekend. And let me know some of your little moments!

8 thoughts on “Little Moments for this week (LMT Post)

      1. LG – True, that comment of yours will count as a big moment, not a little one.

        The genius behind the idea is actually a friend called Shy. While I have always taken the time to cherish the little moments, I have never taken a step back to reflect, acknowledge, and be thankful.And more importantly preserve them for eternity through the written word. Ever since she came up with this idea – LMT – Little Moments Thursday, it has made me acutely aware, as Shy says, that life happens in these little moments. I have gotten out of the habit of blogging, but I really want to do these LMT posts, adds a lot of perspective to my life. I will put up a tab detailing this on this blog, and link it up to the page where she mooted this idea. So glad you ran with it, want to do it more often?

    1. Hahahaha appa. You know me too well…! yes, I hope to stick around. If not for myself, for you and amma. Idhu eppadi irrukku?

  1. Yes, count me in. Recording small “life” moments will make us look for more of them in the course of the week, and hence, make us “live” more.

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