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June updates

This past month has sped by at lightning speed. All I remember is updating this blog following the Memorial Day weekend, after that everything feels like a blur, as if someone pressed the fast forward button on our lives. Jotting down some memorable moments here for my record keeping.

– Friends visiting. Enkay visited us with her Saathi, Pattani and Ammu. This trip was something we have been planning for a while, so when it did materialize, it was much cherished! Non-stop late night chatting on a wide range of topics, gorging on yummy home cooked food so lovingly prepared by Enkay and Saathi, with some outdoor family fun sprinkled in between. Simple ordinary moments that was made extraordinary with genuine bonding. So very thankful that our paths crossed each other in the blog world and morphed into something bigger in real life.

– Family visiting. The same weekend, my cousin made an unexpected with his family. His two boys and Hari are close in age, so it was truly nice to see the friendship that my cousin and I share extend to our offsprings. My cousin acquainted the tykes with the word game that we used to play as kids – ever heard of Cow Bull? Thanks to him, Cow Bull is one of the games that we play during our car rides these days. Another slice of my childhood that will be nurtured, albeit temporarily, beyond the confines of my memory.

– End of school year activities. June was thick with end of school year activities and deserves a post of its own – the ice show, piano recital, field trips, school party and what not. Three years of elementary school have passed by in the blink of an eye. Only three more left, and before we know it, Hari would have completed middle and high school and would be ready for college. I know 10 years feels like a long time, but this 8 year old was an itsy bitsy bundle not so long ago.

– Dance production. I participated in my dance school’s annual performance 10 days back. A 7 min group performance for a song called Margatha Manimaya. You know I have been a dance student all my life, but my performance does not quite reflect that and sometimes I wonder what’s the point of it all? I think I found my answer. All this training has made me an astute Rasika. Someone who can spot the difference between a good and a great dancer, someone who knows and appreciates what is hidden behind the shringara and abhinaya – the stamina, endurance, hard work and willpower of an artist. Not to mention the opportunity to see and learn from exponents like Bragha Brussell and experience first hand what it is to be passionate about something. Without these years of training, I would not have known what I would have missed in life.

– Visiting family. We are just back after visiting my twin Sathya, his wife Wini and my darling niece Shraddha, who will turn a year old in few more weeks. What is not to love about a little bundle that has all of us wrapped around her little finger? This trip was all about celebrating her and soaking in her company. Her very thought and antics warm my heart like no other. We did indulge in some group fun with a trip to the neighboring state, where a bunch of Chinese acrobats enthralled us with their lazer sharp focus and rubber like flexibility. And did I forget to mention that we also got a chance to get to know my cousin’s newly wed wife?

So those are the updates from my end. Do let me know what kept you alive and kicking in June.

2 thoughts on “June updates

  1. Sounds like a superb June for you. A lot of things kept me kicking – notably, kid’s school and her habit of waking up half an hour before it was time to leave ! Alive..yes, Lightening speed…yes yes.

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