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Little Moments for this week (LMT post)

Hiya people. I seem to abscond every once in a while, isn’t it? what better way to comeback than jotting down some little moments for this week.

– Wet sloppy loud kisses from Ram. Ha, can still feel the tenderness of it all.

– Tackle hugs from Hari. Even expressions of love should be laced with sports for my sports crazy 8 year old.

– A surprise phone call from a high school friend. The last I talked to him was when we graduated from senior school. Always a treat to reconnect with a good friend.

– New yoga pants. Comfy and outdoorsy. Doesn’t get better than this!

– Drowning in an ocean of commitments at work. Empathy received- “I feel for you”. Apologies exchanged – “I am sorry for the confusion”. Made the sailing tad easier.

– Consciously signing of as “Love, Chithi” to a niece, not by relation, but by bonding, every single day this week. She is a special child. That she embraced me as her chithi means much. God bless her.

– Picking up Hari with Ram in tow. The two bickering. The two bonding. Life is good!

– Kitchen cabinet door fixed. What a relief!

What were your little moments for this week.

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