Posted in Work life balance

Whine fest

If I were the drinking kind, I would have gone bar hopping tonight. But since I neither drink nor know to keep things to myself, I do the next best thing – vent to unsuspecting folks like you!

One of those weeks when I have been working long hours, but have nothing checked off on my list. Nothing is as tiring as an unproductive day, don’t you agree? Worse still, I find myself staring at a boatload of work to be completed over the weekend.

Ah well. Breathe in. Breathe out. This will pass too. To be honest, I like the challenge. I like the steep learning curve. I like that I will be more knowledgeable on this topic than what I was last week. I just need to remember that the hard work is worth it and work on it single handedly while at it.

Alright folks, thanks for bearing with this whine fest. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. Mine will be skewed towards work. Wish me a productive one. Tudlu. Take care.

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