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LMT this week

What Little Moments are we celebrating this Thursday? Here are mine.

– It has been a rather intensive week, and I have been following a 5:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. schedule with very little downtime thrown in the mix. So giving myself a gentle pat on my back for hanging in there.

– A smile playing on my lips as my eyes glaze over the sticker chart that’s getting filled with random stickers. “One sticker for pee pee. Two stickers for poo poo. Three stickers for pee pee and poo poo. Only if you do it in the potty Ram.” Didn’t seem like much of an incentive in the beginning, but as we started making a big deal out of it – high fiving him, congratulating him – we have a more willing toddler.

– “Hey mom, I just used the potty, do I get a sticker?”, asks, not the 2 year old but the 8 year old in all seriousness. I give him, what he likes to call, a big fat hug. The range of personalities he can take is amusing. Some days he talks like an old wise soul. On other days, he gives me glimpses of his teenage years, and yet on other days he is simply this little child, my little child, reveling in the affection showered on him.

– Beauty sleep. Inspite of getting abbreviated sleep hours this week, I have been sleeping soundly without any vivid dreams. You know that feeling of rested. Instead of feeling like you have switched from one reality to another.

– Have overripe fruits that the whole family is sprinting away from? Worry not, smoothie to rescue! That’s what yours truly has been doing. Chop, blend with some milk and gulp. Plums, strawberries, apples, bananas. Yummm! Fruits salvaged, breakfast taken care of. Two birds in one stone?

– Finally carved out some time during the weekend to watch something with Da. Three back to back episodes of House of Cards. A political drama produced by Netflix. Very entertaining!

Closing for this week. What are your little moments for this week?

2 thoughts on “LMT this week

  1. Lovely moments for the week. Looks like you are quite the busy bee. You must lead such a satisfying life, judging by the restful zzz’s you’ve been getting.
    Keep it going.

    1. LG – I like doing different things, with the trouble being sometimes I end up biting more than I can chew. And my poor family pays for it. I am learning to get better at managing it.

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