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Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi

Normally, we like to do something little out of our hands for Vinayaka Chathurthi. This time we were debating between fuse beads and legos, but given that we didn’t have the butter paper to iron the fuse beads, the choice defaulted to Legos. Of course, the preschooler was next in line making something random and jubilantly declaring it as Wildebeests. Can you say that we are into Lion King?

Without further ado, presenting to you the Elephant-headed darling of our house. Can you spot the modhakam, the mooshika, the poonal, the belly button, the full tusk and the other broken tusk? Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi one and all!


One thing that I miss about being in India is the tangible omnipresence of Pillayar. My uneasy mind would turn around looking for a sign of reassurance, and there He was in all His glory – in a calendar, as a picture hanging on the wall, or at the street corner – casting his reassuring look, and then the mind knows that you will be fine. Now I don’t have that luxury, but when I feel restless, I just visit all the Pillayars from my childhood till I left the country in my mind’s eye and it has the magic of calming the restless mind and infusing confidence.

2 thoughts on “Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi

  1. Lovely Pillayar.
    This time when I went to buy the clay Pullayaar, I was shocked at the cost. I almost decided not to buy and make one from the clay in our yard, and call whatever monstrosity that resulted, Pillayaar. But I backed out, and bought the costly fellow because well, some people use this opportunity to earn money, so why deny them of their opportunity.
    Ah, my story in your blog. How narcisstic is that?

    1. LG, I am glad you shared your story, and I think this exchange of stories is what makes blogging fun…!

      I feel like I have lost touch with the purchasing power of the rupee, which I would think is currently weaker than ever before. I would have done the same thing like you did – find some other area to cutback rather than pinch pennies with this vendor who is probably counting on income from this to make his ends meet.

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