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LMT this week

Sniffles, tantrums, meltdowns, mood swings, and dentist appointment, pretty much sum up this week for me. Or at least those rough spots are the ones that come to my mind when I reflect on this week. But if I dig a little deeper, and care to look beyond them, I see a treasure trove of simple joys and little moments buried underneath that I am going to retrieve in this post.

– Three blog posts this week. Yay…! See, I told you, I intend to write often, just that the intention seldom translates into action. So the rare times it does, it’s worth making a big deal out of it.

– After a gap of three weeks, I worked out three days this week. Inertia and momentum are the bane of my existence. It’s hard to get me started and once I get started, I often struggle with the discipline to keep it up. That I made a start this week deserves some cheering up.

– If Hari is giving me chances to revisit my childhood, Ram is giving me opportunities to relive Hari’s childhood. When I drop Ram off at preschool, which is the same one that Hari went to, I unintentionally go back to Hari’s preschool days and the conversations we had from then. Never fails to bring a smile on my face.

– The lightness of being that comes following a confession. “I am not sorry that I was upset with you, but I regret expressing it the way I did. I am sorry for taking it out on you.” Phew! a huge weight off my chest. Doesn’t undo my wrongdoing, but in my humble opinion, an accepted apology is a second (third/fourth/fifth…) chance to get something right.

– No cooking for two nights in a row. Less cooking means less time spent on the accompanying chores and more time spent on things that I want to do than the things that I have to do.

– Indian school resumed last week. Missed Hari and my kids from last year, but equally looking forward to teaching and learning from the new kids this year.

– Residual summer weather. One day I was wrapped in sweater, staying away from smoothie and salads, and the next day, it was hot and humid. That’s New England weather for you. No complaints given that the days of living in winter wonderland is just around the corner. I will take any summer weather I get.

What’s have you been collecting in your treasure trove of little moments?

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