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In lighter vein

Conversations with Hari over the past few months that I wanted to jot down in my diaries.

With the noble intention to be a good cheerleader for my sonny boy and his team, I asked Hari, “I want to get better at knowing soccer rules, can you teach me.” Mighty thrilled at my unexpected enthusiasm for sports, he shot back. “Sure mom, I would love to.” He started out and then held back and asked me in all seriousness, “You do know that in soccer you cannot touch the ball with your hands, right?”

Really child? You thought I am THAT ignorant. Sigh!

Ram, Hari and I were driving to Hari’s tennis class. Ram was eating croissant and I asked him how it was. Hari interjected and corrected me, “Mom, you should say croissant with a sharp R and a sharp T like this”, and went on to pronounce it for me. And I repeated after him closely mimicking his pronunciation. “It’s ok mom if you don’t get it. People will just understand what you are saying when they see what you are holding.”

As my friends from college would say, ellam yen neram!

Hari had proclaimed that the pizza I had made the earlier night was the world’s best pizza ever. Recollecting the compliment the next day, I suggested to him that maybe we should stop buying pizzas and just make them at home. Feeling a little threatened that I was going to take away his pizza day at school, he said “Mom, I don’t mean this as an insult to you. But the guys that make pizzas are more experienced than you and know how much salt to add and how long to cook. So I think we should continue to buy pizzas.’

Ha ha, quite the smooth talker that he is!

Collecting materials for his art project, Hari came up to me and asked, ‘Hey mom, do you think you could give me some of your hair so I could use it for making the girls in my art work.” My eyes certainly popped out and as I narrated it to the husband, he advises Hari, ‘Just look in the floor kanna, you will find plenty.”

I have not laughed this hard in a long time.
As I was driving Hari from summer camp, Hari asked, “Mom, we will have pizza party in camp on Friday. Do you think I can drink soda.” And I said, “Illa ma, I can get you sparkling water at home if you like but let’s not drink sugary beverages. I know it’s very tempting when everyone is having it, but really kanna it feels good only as long as your taste buds can taste it, but beyond that it does so much harm to your body” Fairly convinced that I had convinced him, I look in the rear view mirror and caught mischief in Hari’s eyes. ‘How about this idea then – I take a sip, taste it, and then spit it out instead of swallowing it”

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…! didn’t see that one coming.
Again on the topic of junk food, I was telling Hari, “You know Hari, our friends who will be visiting this weekend? Their children do not eat any junk food. they only eat nuts and yoghurt for snacksI I don’t want us to be a bad influence, ok?”. Without a moment’s hesitation, the child replies, ‘Oh boy, looks like then I need to be junked out before that!’

I am stumped!

4 thoughts on “In lighter vein

  1. If reading about Ram kept me laughing, this one was hilarious. Relived my time when Sai was Hari’s age (i still go through some of them specially when it comes to him teaching me technology). You made my day Suma!

    1. Thanks akka, always a treat to get a comment from you. Never a dull moment with these little people around, isn’t it? Would love to some of Sai’s stories some day!

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