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Summer 2013

Here I am giving updates on summer happenings when fall is marching its way in all its glory in our part of the world. Ah, well, better late than never,isn’t it? We did not scratch the surface in terms of what we wanted to do over the summer, but we got other things accomplished. Here’s a quick summary.

– Hari went to a regular camp in July. In August, he immersed himself in tennis, which is his latest love! Apart from camp, he made a 500 piece glow in the dark jigsaw puzzle, mostly by himself. Such fun in putting together different pieces to make a big picture…! No wonder Hari was hooked.

– Offering balanced meals for the family, especially Hari. If providing nutritious home cooked meals comes naturally to you, lucky you and your family! My impulse is to make it quick and easy often times compromising on the “balance” portion of the meal. Over the summer, I put in a little more thought into planning meals for the family ensuring that the kids had servings from different food groups over the course of the day. Nothing fancy, just sneaking a fruit here, a handful of nuts there, and some veggies thrown in the mix.

– Family meals. Without any extra classes to attend, summer afforded the luxury to eat dinner together as a family. Made a big difference to Ram, who often likes to read while eating, and helped cultivate the habit of “eat while you eat, read while you read.”

– Potty Training. Ram made steady progress on the potty training front. So many memories made – “Amma look Ram has made a sea horse with his pee pee”, “Amma, I did mommy poo poo, daddy poo poo and baby poo poo”, and one fine evening Ram had his epiphany at the dinner table “Amma, poop comes from butt, pee comes from wee wee.”

– We went to a local minor league game. A free ticket that Hari earned from being enrolled in the library reading program. The child was overjoyed with the experience of watching a live match. It’s another thing that his mom was bored out of her mind, getting all fidgety.

– We went to more than a couple of out of state zoos. and learnt a thing or two about how all of us are interconnected in the circle of life. Did you know that vultures are the ultimate recyclers? they feed on sick and diseased prey without harming themselves while saving the rest of the animal world and humankind from the decay and potential diseases. Also, did you know that due to their heights, other animals count on the giraffes to alert them should there be a predator close by? Very humbling, makes you realize that you are a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things.

As I write this, I am in the basement with the heating system turned on. It’s time to pull out those rugs, bring in the plants, take out the gloves and transition to chillier temperatures. I am not ready for summer to be over yet. Or rather for winter to begin….! Fall is stunning, but so very short lived.

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