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Toddler talk

And some toddler talk from Ram. Conversations over past few months that are struck in my head waiting to be recorded in my journals.

– Noticing that I am wearing a new kurti, Ram says, “Mommy I love your new kurta. You look so handsome in this!”

– After a diaper change, he follows me around and says, “come mommy, now it’s your turn. Lie down and I will change your diaper.”

– At the dinner table, he farts and proudly proclaims, “I am a burrro monster” and giggles uncontrollably.

– “Anna, this is mines mommy. Daddy is yours. Mommy is mice.”

– “Amma can you move and give me a pots” – that is, can you give me a spot?

– “Are we going to restroom to eat?” – what he meant to ask was, are we going to a restaurant to eat?

– The child is so polite that he says, ‘appa thank you for buying me milk, thank you for buying me banana, thank you for buying me cheerios….’, as he unpacks all the goodies from grocery shopping.

4 thoughts on “Toddler talk

  1. Aww. that is so sweet. Loved the last one -it is so nice to see that this quality is there is the little one. Very proud of him.

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