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LMT post for this week

Hello people, hope your week is going well. Mine had it’s share of ups and downs. Time to reflect on the week that went by and count the little blessings that life had to offer.

– Visited the Chinmaya Mission temple last weekend. With its pristine and serene setting, the place fills your heart like no other. One of the few occasions when the mind willingly resides in the now, and takes in all the divinity the place has to offer.

– Bought a pink orchid plant at the local Trader’s Joe on an impulse. I do not have a green thumb, but that doesn’t deter me from collecting plants. Looking forward to nurturing this beauty in our cozy little corner.

– On the way back from back-to school- nights this week, and during my early morning visits to the gym, an unexpected visitor accompanied me. So close yet so far, he kept taunting me with his sheer simplicity. I stopped and lingered whenever I could to get an extra glimpse of him. Who is this mystery visitor you ask? Why, who could it be other than the grand full moon leaning against the night sky in all its grandeur.

– Heard in passing – “My mom is a good catcher, she is very good at catching with one hand”. Ahem ahem, that was a comment on yours truly. Whoever knew that an appreciation from a little child could make his mama walk a little taller. And I wonder why they say children derive their self worth from adults? shouldn’t it be the other way around?

– He is needy, hungry, sleepy and cranky. And the only way he knows to deal with it is to take it out on me. It’s tough hanging in there and being the bigger and more matured person. My own frustration is building up, threatening to explode any moment. A spark of awareness sets in and I just let go. What a relief, as if a huge weight is lifted off my chest, making space for some tenderness to set in. I pick Ram, he rests on my shoulder and falls asleep in a jiffy. Breathing heavily, his heart beating against mine, his cheeks on my shoulder, a little drool just about to drip. I do not know anything more tender than this!

– Good news from a good friend that warmed my heart. We hear stories. Of dreams, hopes and faith. Of disappointments, failures and struggles. Of resilience, character and attitude. Life comes in all shapes, colors, and size. Who knows what is in store? Who knows what is meant for us? Life is anything but a level playing field. We all go places, find our own paths, and eventually it balances out.

Care to share your little moments for this week? I am all ears!

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