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LMT Time

Do you recognize the place in this picture…?


This is what Dr. Seuss calls as the waiting place in his book, Oh the Places you’ll go. This is the place where people are doing nothing but simply waiting, waiting, and waiting. Expecting things to magically fall on their laps without as much lifting their little finger.

And that’s precisely the place I found myself in this week. In a waiting place, waiting for nothing in particular. Just sitting in the slump watching the world around me zoom by. Yeah, that was me – lazy and crazy – this week.

Now that the confession is out there loud and clear, time to take stock of the little moments.

– Received an email in which the heart speaks. Very genuine and heartfelt. Made up for the miles that stood between us and the times that we don’t get to spend with each other. There are friendships that you let go. And there are friendships that you cling on to, with all your might, with your life. And she is a gem that I will cherish forever and ever.

– Just as I was drooling over the onam sadya pictures on my Facebook feed, a friend who was born and brought up from Kerala, emailed, “I can make some onam dishes for dinner on sat, I also have paper banana leaves. Would you like that?” Yes of course, we would love that, I pounced in all eagerness. We had our first Onam style feast last Sat.

– Throwing a glance at the mirror, lingering an extra second to look at the deforested eyebrows and the copperish hair strands. That feel good factor that stays with you, albeit briefly, following a visit to the parlor.

– A strict math coach at the math team. One who will make your son think of you as a cool cucumber, not the hot pepper that he thinks you are…! A strict disciplinarian, a task master, who will give a kick in your you-know-what, not just for Hari but his parents, if we don’t do what it takes. I say, let the fun begin…!

– Mercilessly threw away the chocolate butter goodness – nutella. No more slathering it on a toast for late night snacking. One temptation conquered.

– Words become unnecessary when you rest your head on the broad shoulders of the one that loves and cares for you and vice versa. For those few seconds, all of life’s quandaries and dilemmas melt away in that warmth and comfort.

– Remember the ten year old money plant I told you about? My parents weaved it along our window. It has grown and is long enough to extend around the door frame of our kitchen. “hey we can take it along the doorway, then as it grows take it along the kitchen window and then the living room”. Just like that a dream was born. A dream to adorn the house with a single money plant. A little silly if you think about it, but one that is filled with possibilities.

– Da and I were discussing something and all of a sudden we hear some snoring noises. I turn back and catch the child strapped in his care seat, wide awake but pretending to snore. It was a sight to behold, one that had us cracking up. Tell you, little Ram is such an attention seeker. Gives us a run for the money.

What little moments have you been savoring this week?

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