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Sending warm b’day wishes and happy thoughts…

… to someone who,

– instilled the love of reading – “keep reading even if you don’t understand because at some point you will,’ and introduced me to the world of PG Wodehouse.

– exposed me to bhajans, slokams and music. Mondays are for MS Pancharatnamala, Tuesdays are for Kandha Sashti by Sulamangalam sisters, Wednesdays are for Bhaja Govindam, Thursdays are for Hanuman Chalisa/Raghavendra sokamsm, Fridays’ are for Devi stotram, and Saturdays for Vishnu Sahasranamam.

– got me into the habit of sending New Year wishes, and believing in new beginnings. Thanks to you, it’s such a non tradeable and favorite part of the new year.

– is full of compassion, is a perfectionist, and a stickler for routine. If you are looking for a role model to be disciplined, he is the man!

– always made it clear that family comes first and gave us a happy, memorable, and fun filled childhood.

Appa – here’s wishing you heartful of happiness, peace of mind and the pinkest of health, now and always…! Ending this post with a show off of my dad’s lovely lovely pencil sketches, some of which have been traced while others drawn by him. I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of my prized inheritance. These drawings are older than I am, and the fact that he has preserved them over the years, despite several moves, says a lot about how organized he is.

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7 thoughts on “Sending warm b’day wishes and happy thoughts…

  1. My sweet daughter you are my always so close to me and these compliments paid on my 65th birthday is heart touching. you are always approached by me on so many issues….I Don’t stand worthy of all this which I humbly say.
    Once again many thanks Kanna.

  2. Wow…those are amazing sketches….where have I seen them before? Has he published? Love them.
    So, now I have further proof that Sept-last-week borns are awesome !

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